Get Fit & Stay Fit. Exercise with The Fitness League!

Safe Effective Low Impact Exercise Classes
Exercise and music - a terrific combination
Friendly sociable atmosphere
New members may join anytime
Classes available in North & South Dublin, Wicklow and Wexford. 

15 week terms
€115 per term  - 1 hr class
€90 per term - 45 mins

Regular exercise is the key to boosting energy levels.

Exercise does not mean that you have to suffer pain, exhaustion or embarrassment in the name of fitness. Healthy exercise is fun, it can be exhilarating, protecting against the effects of today's sedentary and stressfull lifestyle. An hour or two every week, the recommendation  of health professionals, not only improves  fitness flexibility and stamina levels, it challenges your body, making it stronger and more efficient. Far more enjoyable than a solitary and expensive workout in the gym! The combination of powerful exercise and popular music makes classes both stimulating and lively.



Benefits of the Bagot Stack System of Exercise

- Improve posture creating less strain on joints
- Strengthen the core abdominal and back muscles
- Increase joint mobility and flexibility
- Essential back care
- Improve coordination and balance 
- Correct breathing increases blood circulation
- Improve bone density
- Overall improvement in muscle tone
- Stimulates the body's natural repair system
- Variety of music encourages greater effort
- Exercise proven to help lift mild depression

Our Motto is "Movement is Life"